Tuesday, March 20, 2012


As if you couldn't tell by some of my past pictures, camels are pretty popular here. They are a mixture of what cattle and horses are in the US and other Western countries. Here you see them hanging out in the desert as you drive along highways outside of the city, loaded into the back of trucks riding down the road, running around race tracks at amazing speeds, giving rides along the beach, or at the camel market(a sketchy place indeed) waiting to be purchased.
"Make sure you get my good side, lady."

Camel's milk, like cow's milk in Western culture is very popular here. It lines the dairy aisle at the grocery store in flavors like date, banana, chocolate, and strawberry bearing labels like Camelicious. It's also used to make very fine chocolates that oddly enough you can buy in the shape of a camel. Today, I read it is also going to offered as ice cream, in flavors like chocolate, date, saffron, and caramel. Click here for more on that.
Got Milk?

Another not so nice place you see the humpbacked creature, is in the meat department. In a package for sale is one thing, but I have seen the rear portion of a camel hanging from a butcher's hook at Carrefour(like Walmart). It's not a good visual when you're trying to shop for food.

Despite our Western minds seeing camels as mostly a cute and quirky zoo animal, we have been a little adventurous with our palates. For me the extent of it is eating the camel's milk chocolate. I'm not exactly a culinary daredevil....SHOCKER!......NOT!

Even camels like to hang out on the beach.
My son on the other hand, I think he would have no problem surviving out in the wild. He has been open to any and every culinary experience that comes his way. Not sure if it's that he wants to get a taste of other cultures, or if he wants to feel like he's a contestant on Fear Factor completing a food challenge. Either way, if it veers from the Western norm, and it will gross his mom out, he'll try it.
The Al Ain Camel Market

As far as camel products go, he has had the chocolate, the milk, and the meat. That's right, he made me stand at that awful counter with the poor camel's hind parts hanging in the background, as he selected his camel steak. Then guess who had to grill it for him? That's right, your's truly. YUCK! GROSS!

I apologize on his behalf to any camel lovers out there.


Heather said...

Ok, I'm very curious now as to what the camel meat tasted like?? Did he say what is was similar to? And what about the chocolate? Could you tell the difference? So many questions! lol :) ~Heather @ http://lovelybeautifulsmiles.blogspot.com


According to him, camel tasted like steak and he claims I cooked it very well. I'll take his word for it. As far as the chocolate goes, it is creamier than normal milk chocolate.