Sunday, September 9, 2012

Me vs The Small Smalls

Here in Abu Dhabi we have very small almost microscopic ants that try to raid our kitchen from time to time. It's all part of living on a big ant hill, but I absolutely positively HATE bugs of any kind ESPECIALLY in my kitchen. I blame my Mom for this. As a child, I remember if my Mom saw a bug she had my Uncle Ray, the exterminator, at our house that day or the next spraying nasty smelling poison to kill it and any friends it might have.

Well, since we've been away it looks like my microscopic enemies I refer to as the "small smalls" have decided to try to take some of my territory. Instead of calling my Uncle Ray all the way back in America, I've learned to mix up my own little deadly concoction of cherry jelly and boric acid powder I spent a whopping 4 dirhams on.

Tonight as I was setting out my "death traps", my son decided to assist me with what he said was a fail proof way of leading the small smalls to their demise. Here is a picture of his ploy to coax them to the poison.