Friday, February 7, 2014

My Favorite Salon in Abu Dhabi

Marquee at The Eastern Mangroves Promenade

I get asked all the time for recommendations for hair salons here, especially from new expats. There is nothing scarier than putting your locks into the hands of a stranger for most women. I'm probably the the worst, because in the states my hairdresser was my sister. I always knew with her I would get her best work, because unlike most stylists and their customers she would still have to face me after. Not to mention, I'm the big sister, so I know she is the one stylist that will listen to me......or else.

Well ladies, after searching and trying several salons in Abu Dhabi, I have found a true winner that ticks all the boxes for me. Marquee, a new salon that has opened up at the The Promenade at the Eastern Mangroves, has just won over this tough customer. I am absolutely in love with the place.

Marquee is all about glamour, and they set the mood for the experience right from the start. Guests are welcomed with a yummy fruit cocktail in a champagne flute to start your unforgettable experience, and the music playing takes you back to a time of old Hollywood glamour. At Marquee you can quickly let go of all your stresses, and imagine you are Hollywood royalty the likes of  Marilyn, Audrey, or Grace. 

My stylist for the day was Cat Hawkes, the Artistic Director for Marquee. Cat hails from London where she still owns a chain of salons. She made my day when she did what no other stylist in Abu Dhabi has done. She asked me lots of questions about my hair and about my style preferences. Cat then took time to assess my hair and scalp to see exactly what treatments would be of most benefit to me.

We then proceeded to the shampooing station that is state of the art. No uncomfortable shampoo chairs to be found at Marquee. My neck usually aches after getting my hair washed at most salons, but Marquee has chairs that recline till you are laying flat like on a bed. This really makes you feel like your hair and scalp are getting a spa treatment. 

My golden locks got the red carpet treatment literally. I had a Kevin Murphy Red Carpet hair facial, that's right I said hair facial. Hats off to Kevin Murphy, because he is a pure genius. I learned from Cat he is a world renowned stylist from Australia that developed a line of sulphate and paraben free hair treatments after not being satisfied with the numerous ones he tried.  

My locks were exfoliated and detoxified with a Maxi Wash that felt like sheer heaven. This wash removes all of the residues from using hair styling products, and opens up you hair for the nourishing treatments that follow. I then had a Balancing Wash applied to balance the pH level of my hair followed by a Hydrate Me Wash to quench my parched strands. Ladies, this experience really does have all the lovely tingling relaxing sensations of a facial, but on your head. 

The pampering didn't stop with the washes, I then had Kevin Murphy's Born Again Treatment Masque mixed with a Blonde Me treatment applied to my hair. Cat explained the Blonde Me would tone my blonde staving off any yellow or brassy tones.  After 10 minutes or so of relaxing under the steamer, again daydreaming of being a Hollywood starlet it was time to rinse. Again, I applaud the comfortable shampooing beds.

The last part of my Marquee experience is when Cat showed off her skills as a top notch stylist. I requested to keep my locks long, but really wanted a style that framed my face better. I admit after having a stylist here cut my hair too short a year and a half ago, I have been gun shy when it comes to getting it cut. Until I heard about Marquee, I was holding off getting a cut until I saw my sister this coming summer.

I received a cut that frames my face as requested using the Diamond Dry Cut method. This is the UAE, the country where meals are laden with gold, so I have to actually clarify that there were no diamonds used to cut my hair. The "diamonds" are referring to the angles dividing the curved sections of the scalp. You're thinking so what, but let me put this in laymen's terms what this type of cut does for those of us that aren't stylists. Cutting the hair this way tailors the cut to each individuals scalp and face shape. This makes for a more natural look cut, and it is easier for you to re-create that same great look at home that the stylist gives you the day you get your hair done.Thanks to Marquee, I have looked like I have just stepped out of the salon everyday since my visit.

Marquee gets a two thumbs up in my book. I highly recommend if you are looking for a stylist in Abu Dhabi look no further. Oh and don't despair Dubai, Marquee also has a salon at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club and another opening at The Lakes. Call and make a booking at Marquee today.

Before Marquee
After Marquee
Marquee Locations:


Location: Eastern Mangroves Promenade, Abu Dhabi
Opening hours: Seven days a week, 10am – 10pm
Telephone: 02 449 4044


Location: First floor, Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Arabian Ranches, Dubai
Opening hours: Seven days a week, 8am – 8pm
Telephone: 04 420 7700


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