Saturday, January 21, 2012

"I'm a Walkin' in the Rain"

My favorite outdoor cafe, Le Boulanger.  The  Breakwater location has a beautiful view of the Abu Dhabi  skyline.
 Tonight my husband and I enjoyed a night at one of my favorite places here in Abu Dhabi, Le Boulanger at Breakwater.  This little outdoor cafe has couches that you can sit on while you eat awesome food and enjoy a beautiful view of the city skyline and Emirates Palace across the water. To top off a perfect night, it actually RAINED here!  Instead of running for shelter, we took a nice little walk in the rain along the water.  I would have danced in it, but people probably already thought we were crazy...I didn't want to verify it for them. Below are some pics from our dinner and our little walk in the rain.

The terrace after the rain ran everyone inside.

 The View........

The Many Colors of Emirates

Emirates Palace view from Breakwater

Walkway around Breakwater


Ninalazina info said...

Looks beautiful. My friend was working out there for 5 years. Sadly, I never visited. I wish I had as he has now left due to work drying up. But that will not stop me I will get there one day. I will be back to see what adventures you get up to with your family. Have a lovely day from a new follower. Nina - you will find me on voicebok also.


Thanks, Nina. You really should come see this place one day, it is a beautiful country. Thanks for the follow, I'm doing the same :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I just followed your Blog from momsblogger. Absolutely Gorgeous & peaceful pictures on this post, wish I can Live in the country. Im a NYC chick : )

If you have the time can you stop my my blog and take a peak, and follow please ? I appreciate it : )

- Niko

Mignette Strife said...

Wow, great pictures. It sounds like you are enjoying your stay there. I look forward to seeing more pictures. Thanks. I am now following you.